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Truly a connosieur of psychedelic electronic music, Blue Spectral Monkey has been collecting and spinning constantly since 1996. He has played in 6 states and over 80 events since 2004 so far. Due to his devotion and mastery of the craft, Blue Spectral Monkey is widely recognized as one of the leading psychedelic trance DJs in the SouthEastern US. His trance sets are dark and twisted, pounding and mysterious, a symbiosis of tribal intensity and technological meltdown. Also, he is well known for his skills as a downtempo DJ. He dives deeply into new electronicdub, chilled breaks with an ethno-spiritual-psychedelic twist, and ambient soundscapes, all the time keeping the sounds thick, groovy and trippy. His production skills are growing over time, his projects so far have been explorations of techno-based rhythms, with an intelligent feel. Basslines that change every measure, multilayered percussions and disorienting samples twisted to create a warped sound environment appropriate for psychedelic videogame dancepartys in the matrix. Artist Statement: "If time is indeed art, then our lives have the potential to be an expression of art over time. Creativity manifests in my life in many ways: music production and DJing, altar/object arrangement, stone balancing, photography, writing, digital art, 2-d art; painting, drawing, collage. Electronic music, especially trance, communicates to me a framework or lens through which to percieve time and information. Like the dreamspell, the constant rhythms flow, leading further and further into awareness and synchronicity. My music production has only just begun, since I have begun I have only noticed an increase in the frequency of ideas and sounds I have in my mind."
appears on: Tales from the Oxygen Den