Caustic Crush (AKA David Cannon) began sampling and beat-making around 2000. As his interest in synthesis techniques moved to the forefront, sampling took a backseat to synth patch creation and then eventually even deeper into DSP and software instrument creation. Outboard gear from Swedish designer Elektron came into focus, and Caustic Crush became a notable contributor to the online community devoted to producing music with these instruments "not as intended". After 17 years, a collection of roughly 130 4-bar loop segments found themselves without the promise of completion or release, as most songs only lived in the realm of live performance to allow for a permanently flexible structure. Caustic Crush's A Jury Of His Peers (Radical Turf 2018) is the culmination of this experience and was compiled by hand-selecting 10-14 tracks by melody and swapping rhythms between songs and updating effects and introducing new patches. Caustic Crush's material has received high accolades for his recordings on the Radical Turf compilations. URB magazine called his track "The 10th Bullet" a "Rap Feast (that makes the album shine)" and ReGen Magazine called his track "1971" "One of the most effective...a powerful political electronic hip-hop piece comparing current events to the Vietnam War."

Artist Statement: "Caustic Crush uses Elektron Monomachine, Elektron Machinedrum, Elektron Octatrack, Dave Smith Evolver MEK PE, Access Virus Polar, MPC 1000 JJOSXL, Eventide Space, ELI Mike-E, Waldorf Blofeld, Numark TTX, Rane TTM56, Maschine, Komplete, Reason"

appears on: First Disguised as Last + Hello Future? + A Jury Of His Peers