Caustic Crush is the electro-rap project of Moline, Illinois native Robert David Cannon. An avid music fanatic, Robert David decided to build a digital home audio studio around 2005 with the purpose of creating his own personal jamathons. Based around the PC software tools of Reason and Sonar via MIDI controller and a MXL 990 microphone, Cannon's music is a beat-heavy, synth-laden, 4/4 funk fest that he uses as a vehicle for his headstrong rap tactics. Releasing one single under the name 'Caustic', the name was extended to include the 'Crush' in further releases to avoid trademark confusion. While Caustic Crush's publicly available material is sparse, he routinely gets high accolades for his recordings on the Radical Turf compilations. URB magazine called his track "The 10th Bullet" a "Rap Feast (that makes the album shine)" and ReGen Magazine called his track "1971" "One of the most effective...a powerful political electronic hip-hop piece comparing current events to the Vietnam War."

Artist Statement: "From old tapes, live mixing, splicing & dust to no tapes, sitting around on his ass, and crusty sound. Over the top & under-produced. Loud & sharp. Bad ideas mixed with ambient, electronic, and compact rhyme-schemes, this badass is coherantly injecting every single song with a strong dose of EVERY song. Enter the rap ballads, ladies and gentlemen. It's time for constant change. Oh, and he's a really nice guy.."

appears on: First Disguised as Last + Hello Future?