Flesh & Stuff is music made with a computer. Songs are constructed using a Prussian indexing system developed for the cataloging of omnivorous wrens in the upper topiary of the eastern taiga. Variables from column A are cross referenced to a randomly decided originating point; based on the number of connections that derived from point A to point B are then expressed using a resistance bloc functioning as the footnote numbering as expressed in Appendix A (for variables expressed higher than 23,322, Appendix B functions as a number base). The resulting character string are reverse cataloged to a wren species, and the genus of that species then forms the encompassing theme of movement 1. The process is then repeated until movements 2-14 are mapped. Using this mapping system the progression of the piece is mapped on a line graph, with the X serving as a function of time while Y serves as a function of velocity. Then four musical notes are chosen. Each one is played by rhythms generated by the "Catalog of Beasts on the Lower Steppe" (see 8.11.4 in the handbook). That's how Flesh & Stuff makes music.

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