Glossolalia is the work of one human, using one computer and sounds from everywhere. Focused on timbre, on rhythm and polyrhythm, on process, on the nature of psychedelic music, on finding music that expresses that which cannot be expressed elsewise, on the relationship between live performance and electronic composition.

Artist Statement: "Why "Quasi-Sentient Dance Music?"'s a recognition of my interest in the strain of process music that runs from Reich through Eno and beyond. It's looking (see for example Minsky's _Society of Mind_) like consciousness is an emergent process, a sum that is greater than and not predictable from a large number of interacting, deterministic, even simple parts. My music is built in ways that suggest and refer to this emergence. Is it possible for a piece of music to itself become conscious in some odd way, on some punctuated time scale,dependent for embodiment on computers and sound systems as our minds are dependent on the wetware of our brains? We're already beginning to see music that can adapt and evolve in response to its environment. As the boundaries between music and software continue to blur, we can begin to imagine music that can attain sentience. We're not there (hence "Quasi") -- but we're taking the first steps."

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