Konrad is the American song constructionist Jeffrey Konrad who puzzles together his unique brand of vocal poetics with a sorted sonic DNA that exhibits strains of indie, folk and electro. In the past he's recorded as an experimental electronica musician known as "Robot USA" as well as one half of a folksy duo known as "Struggle In The Hive" (recorded with renowned Daytrotter producer Patrick Stollety) . In mid-2000 Konrad launched Radical Turf Records; an imprint he founded with the intent of releasing compilation albums by underground electronic artists. 3 compilations and 5 full lengths later, the label continues to evolve as a medium for eclectic and eccentric audio. Konrad's debut album "Loose Canyons" was released on Radical Turf in 2008. Konrad's new album "Shadow Boxing" was released on Radical Turf in 2012 and is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp and Insound. "Shadow Boxing" is currently on the CMJ Top-200 (May 2012).

Artist Statement: "My cyber neural bullshit hit center transistor twist flips non-snacks five course meal dinner."

appears on: Tales from the Oxygen Den + First Disguised as Last + Hello Future? + Loose Canyons + Shadow Boxing