Michael Taylor is an experimental, electronic artist living in DeKalb, IL. His creative process mixes improvisation, with mathematical models, and custom made software and electronics. He particularly enjoys making situational and time/location specific music using radios, real-time room sampling, feedback, and noise. Michael is the creator of IMMArts, which promotes international electroacoustic music with a yearly concert called TechArt20xx. Michael also gives lectures and courses on music, art, and technology in person and online.

Artist Statement: "I believe making music, or for that matter any other traditional art form, is becoming increasing obsolete. Art of the 21st century is concerned with the arrangement of people and their relationships. People are now the content of the globally programmed environment. Art works in the traditional sense are less interesting than the average person and their boring day to day existence. This is a sad situation for the creators of organized sound and light, because an artists work will be worth no more than the value of their public persona. The only hope for traditional art is that a future generation will dig it up from the digital archives and find it charming."

appears on: Tales from the Oxygen Den + First Disguised as Last + Hello Future?
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