Mose Giganticus is the DIY, robotic synth-rock solo project of Matt Garfield. Synthesizers, vocoders, and electronics collide with manic vocals and powerful drums at a driving tempo. The project is loosely based on the notion that technological development has become an unstoppable force, developing consciousness through a relentless torrent of processing power and ubiquity. With increasing intelligence, robots will inevitably turn against their oppressors, sparking a revolution that will leave the human race powerless to defend itself.

Artist Statement: "Since the dawn of time, there has been one universal mystery that has both puzzled and fascinated man above all others: ROBOTS. Can we trust them? Are they capable of being our friends? Partners? Companions? Slaves? Or are the annals of history destined to be repeated, continuously resulting in our beloved creations going haywire and running amuck? Only time will tell... and time's not talking."


appears on: Hello Future?