Ramon Mills is the driving creative force behind Production Unit Xero (p.u.x); deftly executing the role of progammer, producer and engineer. It all started in the fall of 2001. After playing in several industrial bands in the Gainesville Florida area, Ramon went on a vision quest. Tapping into the inspirational sounds of late 90's industrial, IDM and electro...he combined those sounds with the unique perspectives of his own comings and goings in life to cross the lines of form, genre, and reality itself.

Artist Statement: "I see the music of production unit xero as a spiritual environment, frequencies that transform the space and time around you into an ethereal dream scape, flowing from ambient and soulful to hard , in your face madness...music to reach the soul as well as move the body and captivate the mind. ."

appears on: Hello Future? myspace.com/productionunitxero