Quetzatl is the electronic musical project of Esiris Lyons. A prolific artist who is inspired by the Mayan calendar, science fiction and psychedelia...Quetzatl uses tools such as Ableton live, Sound Forge, MC-303 Goovebox, Phrase samplers, Vocoder and MIDI controllers (among other gear) to create original drum-n-bass and hard-step.

Artist Statement: "Quetzatl continues to push the envelope of live drum & bass and electronica with fast-paced breakbeats, sophisticated rhythms, filtered pads and acidic bass. In addition, he continues his long term project of documenting the sonic waves of the biosphere through conducting field recordings from sacred sites and environments around the planet. This is personified in a series of new recordings which include extensive use of traditional tribal instruments that Quetzatl has collected. A good portion of his time is spent delving into the cosmological belief structures and hieroglyphs of ancient civilizations like the Maya, Egyptians, and Sumerians. When he's not scribbling down the leg to arm ratio of a new Australopithecine finding, he's whippin' 540 fakie big spins and sailing over shopping carts on his skateboard. Conceptual enhancements and technological updates continue to push his sound vibrations into the new millennium and beyond."

appears on: Tales from the Oxygen Den + First Disguised as Last + Hello Future?