ROBOT USA is the electronic polymath Konrad's hyper mish-mash (and predominantly instrumental) 8-bit project that orbits around splintered analog synths, looped phrases and tronic-guitars. Tempo varieties, vocal cut-ups, and overheating drum machines keep these tracks vibrant with fresh sounds and styles. With a variety of guest appearances, ROBOT USA is an unpredictable album that flourishes in retro-future textures and HEAVY funk outbreaks. This is definitely a treat for adventurous fans of unconventional electronic music.



Artist Statement: "xerox.pager.server.printer.cellular.monitor.barcode.scanner.elevator.microwave.transmitter.light switch.fax machine.portable fan.refrigeration.air conditioner.paper shredder."

appears on: Tales from the Oxygen Den + ROBOT USA s/t + 1+1=11