Once upon a time two lads from Davenport-way embarked on a winter-long quest to record the perfect downer album. Jeffrey Konrad (under the pen name Nigel Jeffrey) and Patrick Stolley (under the name B Patric) holed up above a downtown printing press and sang songs. Pat rolled the cigarettes, Jeff brought the Old Milwaukee and somehow or another a sparse, romantic folk album emerged. Recorded over the course of several months, "Struggle in the Hive" is comprised of 13 songs written by both artists. Piano, bass, acoustic guitars and even an out-of-tune cello mark their place on the album. The 8 and 16-track analog tape decks used to record S.I.T.H. are a testament to the warmth and pleasant noise the medium has to offer.

Note: Album available as a split release on Future Appletree Records and Radical Turf.

Artist Statement: "This would be the perfect album to listen to stoned, accept it might bum you out really hard - Pat "

appears on: Struggle in the Hive