Brian Foster's earliest musical influences varied, ranging from New Wave to Industrial. In the 1990's he became a fan of jungle and drum-n-bass. These disparate influences caught up with Brian when he entered the studio. Heavy, melodic, soulful electronic music emerged and manifested itself as Synaptic Flow. Synaptic's debut album "Biotechnology", released on Diskatopia Records, was a critical success and charted heavily on North American college radio. Other singles emerged on various records labels, demonstrating Mr. Foster's diversity and scope of musical vision.

"If androids dream of electric sheep, what would a cognizant computer envision? The look of such images might be debatable, but there's a good chance the soundtrack would resemble the enticing efforts of drum 'n' bass beat-master Brian Foster. Performing under the pseudonym Synaptic Flow, this inventive electronic artist's debut disc showcases 10 effervescent tunes. The dance-oriented numbers collectively relate the story of a sentient AI program, with each cut accentuating energetic effects and invigorating rhythms. -SciFi Magazine "

appears on: Tales from the Oxygen Den + First Disguised as Last + Hello Future?