An accomplished videographer, photographer, graphic design artist and electronic musican...Thomas Jerome Newton is those and much more. It's difficult to talk about T.J.N. without spreading on the accolades as thick as guacamole, but his work is really damn good. Take for example 'Wing Beats' a video that captures the flight patterns of birds who's arial directions make musical sounds based on software he developed himself. The project won numerous film festivals across Britain and was screened in Austria, Rome, Eindhoven, Bucharest and the Nevada Burning Man Festival. Thomas began working on music at an early age as it was the main driving force in his life for many years. In 1999 Mr. Newton acquired a recording contract with Diskatopia Records in the USA that subsequently released a selection of his works. After achieving extensive airplay on U.S. and BBC radio, Thomas became dissatisfied with his musical pursuits and set them aside for his visual projects. In 2005 the year felt right for Thomas Jerome Newton to make a comeback. He's currently occupied his studio time with new works and remixes.

Artist Statement: "I have just started tinkering with music again, though even with the convenience of new technology I am still a right little madam when it comes to getting things just so."

appears on: Hello Future?