Patrick Stolley made a name for himself in the 1990's releasing music as "The Multiple Cat" and later "The Marlboro Chorus". With nearly a dozen albums released between the two projects, recent years have seen Patrick spending time behind the console as engineer/producer for other bands. A founding agent of daytrotter, Patrick logged hundreds of sessions by the top touring indie bands of the day.

Artist Statement: "Sometimes one, sometimes three or maybe four people fall into the lair of the Marlboro Chorus. Their wives and girlfriends don't see them for weeks. Besides beer cans, coffee cups and cigarette butts, occasionally a song or two will exit. Cool sounds off warm tape, salt sweat stains on the reels, hot tubes and inspiration mix and mingle in the air. If Ray Davies or David Bowie ever found out, they'd smile and wink. They know what's got into these boys."

appears on: First Disguised as Last